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Puerto Vallarta Mexico International Football Academy
EduKick CEO Joseph Bilotta visits Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Academy!

Welcome to EduKick Mexico – Football Development & Spanish Language Immersion Programs!
EduKick Mexico programs are a complete package of international travel, Mexican cultural exposure, Spanish language study & immersion, academic study and professional football training.

EduKick is proud to partner with CODEFUT FUTBOL to ensure that participating players have "the Spanish language & culture football experience of a lifetime!"
EduKick and CODEFUT FUTBOL believe that living, studying and training in a foreign country is an invaluable experience that a player will never forget and the benefits of such an experience will be embedded positively into that individual for the rest of his or her life.

EduKick Mexico staff are keenly aware of the challenges that our Academy presents to our players so are fully committed to the overall education of each individual through our football development and language immersion program.

Living, playing football and studying in Mexico as a teenager or young adult represents an enormous challenge for both the participant and the educators. From the participant courage, effort and character is required to succeed. From the staff, it demands professional guidance, supervision, mentorship and expertise in order to provide the required level of service to our young players.

Mexico Football Training


Program Location – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean's Bahía de Banderas. The Cities population is approximately 177,830 making it the fifth-largest city in the state of Jalisco. The City of Puerto Vallarta is the government seat of the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta which comprises the city as well as population centers outside of the city extending from Boca de Tomatlán to the Nayarit border (the Ameca River). The municipality's population is approximately 220,000. The municipality has an area of 502.19 square miles (1,300.67 km²). To the North it borders the SW part of the state of Nayarit. To the east it borders the municipality of Mascota and San Sebastián, and to the South it borders the municipalities of Talpa de Allende and Cabo Corriente. Puerto Vallarta is named after Ignacio Vallarta, a former governor of Jalisco. In Spanish, Puerto Vallarta is often shortened to "Vallarta", while english speakers call the city P.V. for short.

High School Option

EduKick School students study at our affiliated private Mexican Middle/High School, Fernandez de Lizardi College located in the town of Puerto Vallarta. Classes are held in the mornings.

Spanish Language Study Option

CEPE Vallarta (is EduKick Mexico's affiliated academic institution for our "University" option (Spanish language study only). Our year-long program schedule at CEPE, with its rich variety of courses available, enables students to select a program of Spanish language study that comes closest to their personal needs and desires. Since 1994, CEPE Vallarta has responded to the demand of tourists, residents and university students who wish to learn Spanish in a tropical environment. Since 2007, CEPE Vallarta joins EduKick, Inc. in welcoming soccer players from around the world to attend our unique Spanish & Soccer program in Puerto Vallarta.

Spanish for beginners:

Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. The program for beginners focuses primarily on verbal expression, vocabulary expansion and listening skills. This approach is supplemented by work on reading texts for information, writing and basic grammar. We recommend that students follow between four to six hours of this course on a daily basis. Beginners can also enroll in supplementary courses Conversation I and Mexican Culture, the latter being the only content course taught in English.

Intermediate Spanish:

Levels 5, 6, 7 and 8. The focus in these programs is on developing the grammatical competence needed to maintain both informal conversation and more formal communication, as well as developing sufficient vocabulary for reading and writing purposes. Students who on placement testing demonstrate sufficient competence to study at Level 7 and beyond may also enroll in a variety of supplementary content courses.

Advanced Spanish:

Levels 9 and 10. Advanced classes concentrate on total mastery of the language, including reading excerpts from literature, the writing of essays and enhancement of oral expression. Advanced students can enroll in any supplementary or content courses, according to their needs.

Assignment Workshop

Each week the students will be scheduled hours to work on their academic qualifications and given time to complete personal fitness logs and their training diary. These sessions will be supervised by Edukick Mexico staff to ensure an efficient use of time. During the first month of the programm, whilst the academic work is beginning, these sessions will provide essential guidance on the standard of work and presentation level required to achieve optimum grades. We at Edukick Mexico feel that the underpinning of the physical aspect of the course with the academic classroom based activity is essential. These sessions are provided to enable support to each student on an individual bases and also provide time in the busy schedule to complete such assignments.

A typical day in the life of an EduKick Mexico player:

  • Breakfast at Host Family
  • High School classes (6 hours)
  • Language Study Only (2 hours)
  • Lunch
  • Football training session - 2 hour session
  • Dinner
  • Free time/study time


Home Stay with Mexican Family

At EduKick Mexico we are very proud of our standard of host families. We have taken time to find the best possible families to welcome you and look after you during your stay. We hope that you will have a happy and memorable time with your host family. They have a responsibility to try and make you feel welcome. You also have a responsibility to be a good guest!

What to expect from your host family accommodation:

  • It is very polite and useful to telephone your host family before traveling to Mexico
  • The house will be kept clean at all times
  • Bed linen and towels will be changed every week
  • Breakfast will be provided
  • Evening meal will be provided and eaten together with the family at the table unless otherwise stated. **Note: Every family is different and so each family will have different food on offer. However, please feel free to tell the family if you have any preferences. Please remember, if you are going to miss, or be late for mealtimes unexpectedly please inform your host family.
  • Your family will do your laundry once a week (you will be shown how to wash your sports clothes yourself more frequently)
  • You will be given a key to allow you to enter and leave the house when you want to. (Please do not keep this with your host's address in case it gets lost)
  • Your family will give you their day time telephone number in case of emergency
  • Your bedroom will contain a desk on which you can study or there will be an area in the home where you can study
  • Your family will negotiate the best times to use the bathroom with you on your arrival

Football Coaching (Technical)

Practice makes perfect with every individual player. Each week the students will be coached not only in the complexities of the game but also the simple elements of the game to ensure individual improvement and performance. Simple repetitive practices that the professionals in the Mexican game take part in and will be introduced to ensure the players are focused on all aspects of the game.

Football Coaching with CODEFUT Youth Academy

Edukick Mexico has strong partnerships with many football clubs throughout Mexico, from grass roots to the professional level. Each week the students will receive coaching sessions by CODEFUT Youth Academy coaches. These sessions will expose the students to the highest level of football coaching available in the country.

Football Coaching (Tactical)

The students will prepare each week for the following game learning the tactical parts of the game together, looking at shape, movement, set plays, defending and attacking as a team and phase of play, using examples from games they have been involved in and the professional game in Mexico.

Cool Down Sessions

Following competitive fixtures and high tempo match play activity we believe a thorough cool down session is important to assist in injury prevention. These sessions will involve light training sessions or activities. During these sessions analysis of previous match play and coaching to look at improvement will be incorporated where necessary.

Fitness Training/Speed, Agility, Quickness

Each week the students will be put through their paces in the fitness sessions. These sessions will vary from endurance, strength, conditioning and technical movements associated with the game. All students are expected to use these sessions to improve fitness for the game and to provide ideas along with them being a learning tool for the personal fitness sessions. The sessions will include footwork and developing quick feet without the ball, co-ordination and awareness, anaerobic speed burst movements of the game and general aerobic fitness. During these sessions students will be taught the safe practices of training to assist in injury prevention.

  • Ing. Armando Cosilion: General Director
  • Liliana Leon: Supervisor
  • Prof. Miguel Limon: Tours coordinator
  • Mariana Leon: Chaperon
  • Martha Limon: Chaperon
  • DT Roman Mayoral: Soccer Coordinator
  • DT Julio Cesar Garcia: Coach
  • DT Alejandro Cosilion: Coach
  • Prof. Cecilio Cosme: Athletics Coordinator


Puerto Valllarta, Mexico International Football Academies

  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (throughout year)
    EduKick Mexico Weekly Individual Footbal Training Camp
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (January - May)
    EduKick Mexico Half Year Football Academy
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (September - May)
    EduKick Mexico Academic Year Footbal Academy
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