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Welcome to EduKick Italy

Bruno Redolfi Football Development & Language Immersion Program!

EduKick Italy programs are a complete package of international travel, Italian cultural exposure, Italian language study & immersion, academic study and professional football training.

EduKick is proud to partner with the Bruno Redolfi to ensure that participating players have "the Italian language & culture football experience of a lifetime!"

EduKick and FTA believe that living, studying and training in a foreign country is an invaluable experience that a player will never forget and the benefits of such an experience will be embedded positively into that individual for the rest of his or her life.

EduKick Italy staff are keenly aware of the challenges that our Academy presents to our players so are fully committed to the overall education of each individual through our football development and language immersion program.

Living, playing football and studying in Italy as a teenager or young adult represents an enormous challenge for both the participant and the educators. From the participant courage, effort and character is required to succeed. From the EduKick Italy staff, it demands professional guidance, supervision, mentorship and expertise in order to provide the required level of service to our young players.

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Program Location - Perugia, Italy

Perugia is a modern and cosmopolitan city known all over the world because of its cultural events and the University for Foreigners. Perugia, in fact, hosts: two main universities, the ancient Università degli Studi and the Foreigners University (Università per Stranieri) that serves as an Italian language and culture school for students from all over the world. Edukick participants will attend the Università per Stranieri for daily Italina language classes. The Università per Stranieri hosts approximately 7,500 studetns while the Università degli Studi hosts 34,000 students so with Perugia having a population of approximately 170,000 it can truly be classed as a University city!

Perugia is the capital city of the region of Umbria in central Italy, near the Tiber river that arrive and finish in the city of Rome. The city symbol is the griffin which can be seen in the form of plaques and statues on buildings around the city. Perugia is a notable artistic and cultural center of Italy. The famous painter Pietro Vannucci, nicknamed Perugino, was a native of Perugia. He decorated the local Sala del Cambio (Room of the Exchange) with a beautiful series of frescoes; eight of his pictures can also be admired in the National Gallery of Umbria. Perugino was the teacher of Raphael, the great Renaissance artist who produced five paintings in Perugia (today no longer in the city) and one fresco. Another famous painter, Pinturicchio, lived in Perugia.

Perugia hosts a number of famous festivals throughout the year that attract many visitors. The Eurochocolate Festival (October), the Umbria Jazz Festival, and the International Journalism Festival (in April) are just three of the many events that participants will have the opportunity to attend.

A.S.D.Pontevalleceppi is a local club located Perugia and is the home training facility of EduKick Italy. The club was formed in1965 and the site of the facilities has been developed over a number of years and can now boast a full size floodlight 4th generation turf field, grass training fields, goalkeeper training area, change rooms and club house. The club accommodates a full pyramid of play containing a senior team and youth academy with age groups U6 – U18.

Università per Stranieri (University for Foreigners) is committed to fostering international understanding and openness in order to prepare students to become citizens of the world. The University for Foreigners Perugia is the oldest and most prestigious Italian institution involved in teaching and research activities as well as in the diffusion of the Italian language and civilization in all expressions. Its story began in 1921 when a lawyer by the name of Astorre Lupattelli, who had dedicated much of his life to the project, set up the first courses in high culture in his home town. His eventual aim was to heighten people’s awareness of the central Italian region of Umbria - whose chief town is Perugia - both throughout Italy and abroad, to describe its history, its institutions and its natural and artistic history. Until 1926 the courses were held in the University of Perugia itself, one of Italy’s oldest and most celebrated universities, and in the Sala dei Notari inside the historic Palazzo dei Priori. In 1927 the University for Foreigners moved to its own premises, the Palazzo Gallenga, another ancient building, situated in the center of the city. Today, along with the Palazzo Gallenga*, the University also occupies four smaller buildings, the Prosciutti, Lupattelli, Orvieto and Valitutti buildings which, although they are set in the marvelous surrounding country side, are within walking distance of the main site. They form the center of a complex of buildings which enhances the teaching and research facilities available to the Institution. There is a further site, Villa La Colombella, an antique stately residence, which lies hidden in the green hills around the city. It has, however, recently been nominated a University in its own right, consisting of a Faculty of Italian Language and Culture and Departments of Science of Language and Comparative Cultures.

Every Year approximately 2,500 Italian students and 5,000 foreign students of more 100 different nationalities meet up, get to know each other and study together at the University in a unique environment.

EduKick Italy participants study Italian Language at the Università per Stranieri (University for Foreigners)

Typical day (Monday – Friday)

7.30 – 8.00 am Breakfast

8.30 – 12.30 pm Italian Language lessons at the University

12.30 – 1.20 pm Lunch at University Canteen or at home in the apartment

1.30 pm Take the public bus to go to the training facility

2.15 – 4.45 pm Training session

5.20 pm Take the bus back home to the apartment

5.40 – 7.30 pm Each student organizes their time: study, relax, social life, TV…

7.45 – 9.00 pm Dinner at home (alone or together, the students prepare their food)

8.15 – 11.00 pm Each student organizes their time: study; relax, social life, TV…

11.00 – 11.30 pm Go to bed. Sleep (We suggest and sometime control)

*One day, between Monday-Friday, the soccer training can be replaced with a day of study, especially in periods close to language exams.

The courses are of various in kind and are divided into 3 stages and each stage has two levels:

High School Facilities:

  • Beginners Courses
  • Intermediate Courses
  • Advanced Courses

All the courses have subjects per week on: Italian language; Speaking practice; Writing practice; Practice in pronunciation and orthography with different hours of lessons per week. The objectives of each course are naturally different.

They start with A1 level, to provide students with the abilities and skills required for simple and essential oral interaction in the most common and familiar situations in order to satisfy concrete demands. Special attention is given to aspects of pronunciation (phonological control) and writing (orthographic control) of the Italian language.

Following a gradual progressive curve each student can arrive to the advanced level C2. The objective of the course is to make students capable of controlling all varieties and registers of the written and spoken language.

CELI (Italian Language Certificate)

  • CELI Complete beginners (A1)
  • CELI1 (A2)
  • CELI2 (B1)
  • CELI3 (B2)
  • CELI4 (C1)
  • CELI5 (C2)

The CELI exam levels refer to the 6 progressive levels indicated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR).

University facilities include:


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Student Life


ll Edukick Italy academy participants are accommodated in charming apartments in green areas of the city of Perugia with a view of the old town and the countryside. The apartments all have their own garden where all students especially during good weather can relax, study or enjoy nature. The apartments are 5 minutes walking distance from the city centre and the main Building of the University. The apartments are 15 minutes by public bus from the training facilities and the bus stop is only 2 minutes’ walk.

Each participant will be given a bus pass for the duration of the course and will be responsible for arriving at the training facility on time for the daily training activities.

  • Individual bedrooms with single bed, desk and chairs
  • Large closet for clothing storage
  • 2 shared bathrooms each with shower, toilet and wash basin
  • Study rooms
  • Shared kitchen and dining area
  • Washing machine

The apartments are cleaned by our staff once each week but at the same time each student who lives within them must maintain cleanliness and order to ensure that the cleaning by our staff can be carried out.

Upon arrival at Perugia (after about 7-10 days) all students acquire a new residence in Italy at their apartments, where can also receive all their mail. Bed linen will be changed every 2 weeks

Remember and the other students (and staff) will likely form a genuine friendship that can last for the rest of their lives!

  • Take the time to write a personal bio and also a football resume to share with EduKick Italy staff prior to your arrival.
  • Make an effort to ask about your new teammates, their interests and hobbies.
  • Make sure to follow course rules and regulations at all times.
  • Remember at EduKick Italy we are a team, be sure to be punctual to all activities and events.
  • Always use a pre-paid international telephone card (available from local shops) to phone home.
  • Always remember to ask EduKick Italy staff if you ever are confused about anything or have a question of any type.
  • Try and keep your room and bed as tidy as possible to respect your fellow roommates and to follow EduKick course rules.
  • Make sure to eat well at all three daily meals as your body will need to be well nourished and hydrated to handle the daily training sessions.
  • Set a regular schedule for doing your personal and sports laundry.

Remember! You're not living in a hotel and your mom will not be there to help you!

Finally, you must remember that Italian people may do things differently to what you are accustomed. It's also easier to misunderstand a situation when communicating in a foreign language. If you are unsure about something, ask an EduKick staff member to assist you.

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Athletic – Healthcare Guarantees

EduKick Italy offers young players a programme designed to develop and improve their soccer skills and abilities through new methodology. Emphasis is placed on the development of technical skills through the proposal of various specialized exercises that allow the knowledge and understanding of the tactical tasks (both individually and collectively) of the soccer player within the various modern systems of play. However we do not forget what the game of soccer is, its nature, its development, especially now that the modern game requires great technical ability, quick mental processes, speed of execution and personality.

The game of football as we all know is an unpredictable sport constantly evolving. A wrong passage of the ball, a deviation of the ball, a movement, a contrast with the opponent can change at any moment the development of the game. For this reason most of our program through specific exercises is designed to improve player in the formation of a mentality flexible, elastic and ready, which facilitates and incentives to comply with the reality that surrounds him, both with eyes that mind, in order to develop a rapid and effective response, which is a summary of the reasoning and of a movement. A mentally intense training ensures a preparation and a perfect approach to the game, from all points of view, so that, changes of the play, marking changes, combined and mutual movements and the reading of game situations will develop with ease and speed.


Our academic program is designed to encourage the growth of a player who, from the psychological point of view:

Be autonomous in the choice of game

Has courage to initiate plays

Represent a point of reference for teammates

Be always available for teammates

Supports, encourages and helps teammates


And from the technical and tactical point of view he knows how:

Think quickly

Be creative and unpredictable in the play

Finding the right solution in the play

Knowing how to behave in situations of possession and possession of the ball

Do it fast


Find the possession of the ball constantly and have teammates always available by moving to receive a pass and create opening, to have always possession and find solutions that will allow fast conclusion in the goal!

Te rule is: constant contact with the ball, “the one who is in control of the ball is in control of the game”.

But to respect this important rule, our players will work hard improving their technical skills and on movements without ball. Through these movements, if made good, a team will retain possession of the ball and then have more opportunity to conclude in the goal.

During a game, a player is in possession of the ball from 40’’ to 3’30’’ major part of his game is without the ball and when in possession, the plays are constituted mainly from opening movements


High technique for quick and effective passing

Continues movement without the ball to receive


Avoiding the opponent players to win the ball

Finishing fast


1. Social-psychological. Promoting the availability mutual friendship and team spirit. Sensitization concepts of sacrifice, work, concentration and thinking, enjoyment needs. The development and the stimulation of creativity during the play (the player chooses and decides). All necessary means to achieve the outcome sports.

2. Technical. Valuation, enhancement and improvement of technical skills. Technical training under the rapidity. Verification of shortcomings that need work.

3. Tactical. Retrieving tactical and situational ability both individual and group. Setting of the systems of play. Individual tactics: practices in relation to the player’s tasks, the position. Unit tactics: coordination of action of various unit of the team. Team tactics: combination between individual tactic and of the units will supply a collective action, system of play.

4. Physical and athletic. Increased and repair of athletic condition by improving of conditioning, specific for soccer player: mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, speed.

In particular, the development and technical improvement remains the only aspect of any preliminary teaching tactical, but at the same time the technical training has to be in continuous connection and integration with the tactical training to stimulate the cognitive sphere of the youth soccer player. Our three conditions are:





Bruno Redolfi– Technical Director

Bruno Redolfi is the EduKick Italy Technical Director. Bruno is a highly respected soccer coach known both in Italy and on the International soccer scene. Despite his young age, Bruno Redolfi boasts nearly two decades of experience in: teaching soccer; programming youth sectors’ annual training; presenting symposiums at National and International soccer conferences for coaches and writing newspaper articles and reviews on Italian soccer. Over the past four years Bruno was the Assistant Coach of Mr Luigi Apolloni, in Italian Serie B Divison for teams like: MODENA FC (Seasons 2008-09 / 2009-10); GROSSETO FC (Season 2010-11); AS GUBBIO (Season 2011-12)

Francesca Buco – General Sports Coordinator.

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Perugia, Italy International Football academies

  • Perugia, Italy (Spring-Winter-Fall)
    Semester Summer Footbal Training Academy
  • Perugia, Italy (Throughout Year)
    Month Footbal Training Academy
  • Perugia, Italy (Available July)
    Weekly Football Training Camp

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