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Spain International Football Academy & Football Boarding School Program
EduKick International Football Academies(EIFA) Madrid, Spain Academy

Football Development & Language Immersion Programs
Welcome to EduKick Spain

EduKick Spain programs are a complete package of international travel, Spanish cultural exposure, Spanish language study & immersion, academic study and professional football training.

EduKick is proud to partner with the famous Aragones family to ensure that participating players have "the Spanish language & culture football experience of a lifetime!" EduKick believe that living, studying and training in a foreign country is an invaluable experience that a player will never forget and the benefits of such an experience will be embedded positively into that individual for the rest of his or her life.

EduKick Spain staff are keenly aware of the challenges that our Academy presents to our players so are fully committed to the overall education of each individual through our football development and language immersion program. Living, playing football and studying in Spain as a teenager or young adult represents an enormous challenge for both the participant and the educators. From the participant's; courage, effort and character is required to succeed. From the EduKick Spain football staff, it demands creativity, professional guidance, supervision, mentorship and expertise in order to provide the required level of service to our young players.

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Program Location: San Sebastián de los Reyes & Colmenar Viejo (Madrid, Spain)

San Sebastián de los Reyes (colloquially called "Sanse") is a municipality of Madrid. Founded in 1492, it is located 20 km north of Madrid. Colmenar Viejo is a town of about 40,000 inhabitants, located in the autonomous community of Madrid, Spain, 30 kilometers north of Madrid;

Polideportivo Municipal Dehesa Boyal – EduKick Madrid football training facility is a magnificent training complex that comprises of the following facilities:

Stadium – maximum size field with 1,000 people capacity grandstand

2 training fields – used for technical development work (including goalkeeper training area)

dressing rooms – attached to the training fields for players

Main administration building – reception, weight room, medical department, physical therapy department, dining room and kitchen, laundry, technical staff offices

Additional Training is located at the modern stadium pitch of AD COLMENAR, our affiliated 3rd Division Professional Club. EduKick Spain players are inserted onto AD Colmenar youth sector squads.

High School All EduKick Spain High School students are taught at our affiliated Spanish High School, IES ROSA CHACEL. Participants should demonstrate an intermediate level in communicative Spanish in order to succeed in their High School academics. Language tutoring is available for the first 2 weeks of our EduKick Madrid year round program.

Those participants with a lower Spanish level should sign up for Intensive Spanish Language Immersion courses prior to arriving to our program. We recommend International House Madrid Language Institute who is our language teaching partner for all of our EduKick Madrid programs and they are internationally recognized as leaders in foreign language teaching throughout the world.

We encourage you to begin to increase your Spanish language ability as soon as you have registered for our program. Ask your EduKick representative about the different options for improving your Spanish with International House (or on your own).

High School Facilities:

  • Multimedia classrooms
  • Language lab Internet access
  • Art classrooms
  • 2 computer labs
  • 2 technology studios
  • 3 labs: physics, chemistry, and natural sciences.
  • Library
  • Indoor swimming pool (25x12,5 m)
  • Indoor Gymnasium and sports courts
  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria
  • Nurse office
  • School store

A typical day in the life of an EduKick Spain High School participant:

  • Breakfast check in and registration
  • Early morning training session (twice per week before travelling to High School
  • High School classes at (lunch taken at School)
  • Evening local team training session (3 evenings per week)
  • Dinner
  • Free time


  • Breakfast
  • Local team matches/cultural excursions/social activities
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Dinner
  • Free time

International House MADRID Language Institute is for students who would like to study Spanish Language only. These students will study following the world acclaimed communicative approach of International House Madrid. Group size will be 12-15 students per teacher. The aim of our 15 – 20 hours per week (includes 1 hour/day of homework completion) intensive Spanish course is to achieve a sound level of communicative ability in the language, with an emphasis on spoken Spanish.

Classes cover all aspects of learning the Spanish language (oral and written communication, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation). Our intensive course is ideal for our year-long students who want to experience total immersion in the Spanish language. Students will have to complete homework assignments for a minimum of 60 minutes duration Monday to Friday to grant a very successful learning progress. Our intensive full immersion language program consists of 24/7 exposure to the key aspects of communication: to understand and speak the target language.

Students besides fulfilling their soccer evolution are assigned with local teams to interact and solve communicative situations in Spanish successfully. A social and cultural program of visits and group activities has been designed to take place during the semester to enhance language progress. Always keep in mind that each individual language learning process is unique and cannot be transferred to any other.

DELE CERTIFICATES - INSTITUTO CERVANTES - The most widely recognized official Spanish qualification is the "Diploma de Español como Lengua extranjera" (DELE) – the Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language. The DELE exams are organized by the Instituto Cervantes, on behalf of Spain's Ministry of Education, and are official qualifications, certifying the level of competence and command of the Spanish language. They are held three times a year, in May, August and November. All three levels of the exam include a reading and listening comprehension, as well as grammar and vocabulary components and an oral test. The "Inicial" exam takes a total of 2 hours 50 minutes to complete; the "Intermedio" lasts a total of 3 hours 45 minutes and the "Superior" level takes 4 hours.

A typical day in the life of an EduKick Spanish Language study participant:

  • Breakfast check in and registration
  • Morning training session (4 days per week)
  • Lunch
  • Spanish language classes (4 days per week)
  • Evening local team training session (3 evenings per week)
  • Dinner
  • Free time
  • Breakfast
  • Local team matches/cultural excursions/social activities
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Dinner
  • Free time

All EduKick Spain students are accommodated at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Residence ERASMO. Students are accommodated two to a room (roommates are allocated upon arrival)

The address is:
Erasmo Residence Hall, University Campus of Cantoblanco C/ Erasmo de Rotterdam
7–9 Madrid, Spain - 28049

Students will receive 3 meals each day (breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) at the University Residence or Polideportivo SANSE

Monday to Sunday – Breakfast & Dinner

The University Residence
The University residence is just a 10-minute drive from the Polideportivo Municipal Dehesa Boyal sports complex, which is the home of the soccer training part of the program. The Erasmo Residence Hall was inaugurated in the year 2004 and expanded in 2008. The residence hall will remain open all year and it has the following facilities:

  • TV and DVD room (equipped with Wii console in a building II)
  • Computer room
  • Gym Study rooms
  • Games room
  • Self-service launderette: this works with coins (1.5 € for the washing machine and 1.5 € for the spin dryer)
  • Parking lot
  • Canteen-cafe
  • Adapted rooms
  • Vending service: Food and drink vending machines
  • Daily pres: The residence hall is subscribed to the newspapers El País and Marca 24 hour reception service
  • Customer service hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and 4:00-7:00 pm
  • Cleaning & Maintenance service: Monday to Friday (7:00 pm to 8:00 am)
  • Night security and weekend (24 hours security)
  • Lending services: Irons ironing boards, vacuum cleaners and board games,
  • Laptop computers
  • Canteen service
  • Wi-Fi Internet service in the rooms of the new building (with the specific limitations of Automa de Madrid University, that is the provider of the service and the regulations of use)

At EduKick Madrid Spain we are very proud of our standard of accommodations. We employ a full-time adult monitor to reside at the University residence with our players for 24/7 supervision, mentorship and general assistance. Our staff has the responsibility to supervise and mentor our student-athletes and make them feel welcome, safe and comfortable.

The players have the responsibility to be a good guest in Spain, follow all course rules and country laws, and maintain a positive attitude while making every effort to succeed both academically and in football!

Making the Most of the Experience
EduKick Spain

The academic year football boarding school course has been carefully designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from this unique Spanish language immersion football experience. However, please remember that you are going to be living as a guest in another country, with different customs, language and food, so it will be a challenge! You will meet all members of the course (your new teammates) and will be living along side them for the duration of the academic year. The information below is designed to help you integrate as easily and quickly as possible.

Remember and the other students (and staff) will likely form a genuine friendship that can last for the rest of their lives!

  • Take the time to write a personal bio and also a football resume to share with EduKick Spain staff prior to your arrival.
  • Make an effort to ask about your new teammates, their interests and hobbies.
  • Make sure to follow course rules and regulations at all times.
  • Remember at EduKick Spain we are a team, be sure to be punctual to all activities and events.
  • Always use a pre-paid international telephone card (available from local shops) to phone home.
  • Always remember to ask EduKick Spain staff if you ever are confused about anything or have a question of any type.
  • Try and keep your room and bed as tidy as possible to respect your fellow roommates and to follow EduKick course rules.
  • Make sure to eat well at all three daily meals as your body will need to be well nourished and hydrated to handle the daily training sessions.
  • Set a regular schedule for doing your personal and sports laundry.

Remember! You're not living in a hotel and your mom will not be there to help you!

Finally, you must remember that Spanish people may do things differently to what you are accustomed. It's also easier to misunderstand a situation when communicating in a foreign language. If you are unsure about something, ask an EduKick staff member to assist you.

NB – Your Course Coordinator at EduKick Spain is named Nacho Mallo. Nacho is always there to listen to any questions or problems you might have whilst you're staying with us this year. Don't hesitate to speak to him! He's a friendly guy that speaks English perfectly and he's there to look after you!

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Football Coaching (Technical)

Practice makes perfect with every individual player. Each week the student-players will be coached not only in the complexities of the game but also the simple elements of the game to ensure individual improvement and enhanced performance. Simple repetitive practices that the professionals in the Spanish game take part in and will be introduced to ensure the players are focused on all aspects of their game.

Insertion to a local Spanish Futbol Team

EduKick Spain has a strong partnership with many football clubs throughout Madrid, from grass roots futbol to the professional level. One of these links is 3rd Division professional club AD Colmenar Each student will be given the opportunity to try out and hopefully be placed onto one of the clubs junior squads and will train 3 evenings each week and participate in competitive match play each week. If not successful students will try out for and be placed onto other local Spanish club teams. The local team insertion will facilitate the participant's socialization process besides helping him progress with team soccer development. Sometimes it may take a while to find the team that best matches the needs of each participant. Attendance is mandatory to all scheduled practices and games.

Football Coaching (Tactical)

As part of the program students will be learning the tactical parts of the game, looking at shape, movement, set plays, defending and attacking as a team and phase of play, using examples from games they have been involved in and the professional game in Spain.

Cool Down Sessions

Following competitive fixtures and high tempo match play activity we believe a thorough cool down session is important to assist in injury prevention. These sessions will involve light training sessions or activities. During these sessions analysis of previous match play and coaching to look at improvement will be incorporated where necessary.

Fitness Training/Speed, Agility, Quickness

Each week the students will be put through their paces in fitness sessions. These sessions will vary from endurance, strength, conditioning and technical movements associated with the game. All students are expected to use these sessions to improve fitness for the game and to provide ideas along with them being a learning tool for the personal fitness sessions. The sessions will include footwork and developing quick feet without the ball, co-ordination and awareness, anaerobic speed burst movements of the game and general aerobic fitness. During these sessions students will also be taught the safe practices of training to assist in injury prevention.

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Sr. Anselmo Vicioso-Aragonés

Aragonés coaches and conducts workshops for athletes, sports associations, coaches, and parents on mental, emotional, educational, and developmental needs of athletes.

This past summer Anselmo worked with the Spanish National Team at WORLD CUP in Germany as the team's mental coach. Throughout his career Mr. Aragonés has worked with youth soccer players through professional athletes. In total, he has more than 29 years of experience teaching languages and football (sport).

An ex-professional soccer player in Europe and U.S.A, he is FIFA licensed youth coach and has his Master of Education Degree with a specialization in Sport Psychology from Boston University. He is also an experienced NY Certified K-12 Spanish Teacher. He is bilingual in Spanish/English and can also read and understand French and Italian.

Coach Hipólito Vicioso-Aragonés El Mister/Coach Hipólito Vicioso-Aragonés has a broad and extensive experience designing and implementing youth soccer programs in Madrid, Spain. He is a licensed youth and semi-professional coach who currently is also coaching the A. D. Alcobendas, a semi-pro team in Madrid with a youth soccer program of about 20 coaches and close to 500 players. He has been coaching youth soccer for more than 30 years (including as Technical Director of EduKick Spain since 2002.

SERGIO LEÓN BALLESTEROS, the EduKick Madrid Head Technical Soccer Coach, is in his fifth year with EduKick Spain. He holds a "Maestro de Educación Física" Degree (Diplomado en Magisterio por la universidad Complutense de Madrid (2005) & a "Monitor fútbol Base", Escuela Nacional de Entrenadores por la Real Federación Española de Fútbol (2006). Mr. LEÓN is also the Head Coach of a competitive local Spanish Youth Club (Club Deportivo Juventud Sanse)."

Mr. Ignacio Mallo Sainz, MA Sports Psychology currently pursuing his Master (LICENCIATURA EN PSICOLOGÍA) at UNED in Madrid. Mr. Sainz duties include (but are not limited to) academic supervision and administration of the Residence and communication with parents and players.

Sergius Oprescu Sergius Oprescu brings his energy, experience and creativity to helping participants maintain a healthy approach and attitude toward the hardships of daily academic and sport schedules. As "Resident Supervisor" Sergius works closely with our affiliated school and teachers, the Head Academic Coordinator, EduKick Spain and local Spanish coaches and staff directors to maximize students' comfort while abroad in Spain. His main priority in and around the EduKick Madrid University residence is safety, mentorship, and supervision of all EduKick players. Sergius is tri-lingual Spanish-English-Romanian and an accredited Health & Fitness teacher with several years of practical teaching experience.

Maria Luisa Vicioso graduated at the Autonoma University of Madrid with a degree to become a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language for Primary School Children (Maestro con especialidad en Inglés). Her responsibilities at EduKick Madrid include supervising assistant adult monitor, supervising and mentoring boarding school athletes in Hotel, administrative duties with respect to clients and parents, & Spanish Language instruction and tutoring.

Sr. José Luis Jaráiz is the Executive Coordinator of the Edukick Madrid Year Round Program. Since 1988 he has been the General Coordinator of Sports for the SAN SEBASTIAN DE LOS REYES MUNICIPAL HALL (a city with a population of more than 80.000 just outside Madrid). Also, he is currently the General Manager of EduKick Madrid's Soccer/Sports facility Polideportivo Municipal Dehesa Boyal. His expertise in this field is invaluable for the success of this program. He holds his Physical Education License from the University of Madrid. He has also completed his Master in Sport Management through the University of LLeida. He has more than 23 years of experience as professor and lecturer for the Spanish Soccer Federation. Coaching and implementing physical conditioning programs for youth soccer has been another of his great areas of applied research and knowledge.

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Madrid, Spain International Football Academies Program Dates
  • EduKick Madrid Academic Year Football Academy – ID Camp (05/22/11 – 06/05/11)
  • EduKick Madrid Monthly Individual Futbol/Soccer Training Option (Sept - June)
  • Madrid, Spain Academic Year Futbol/Soccer Boarding “Middle School” - 12-15 years (9/16/11 - 6/18/12)
  • Madrid, Spain Academic Year Futbol/Soccer Boarding “Middle School” - 12-15 years (9/16/11 - 6/18/12)
  • Madrid, Spain Academic Year Futbol/Soccer Boarding “High School” - 16-18 years (9/16/11 - 6/18/12) –
  • Madrid, Spain Academic Year Futbol/Soccer Boarding School “Spanish Language” Option (9/16/11 - 5/31/12)
  • Madrid, Spain 1/2-Year Futbol/Soccer Boarding School “Spanish Language” Option (1/10/11 - 5/31/11)
Madrid, Spain International Football Academies Program Tuitions
  • EduKick Madrid Academic Year Football Academy – ID Camp (05/22/11 – 06/05/11)
  • EduKick Madrid Monthly Individual Futbol/Soccer Training Option (Sept - June) - $5,599 USD
  • Madrid, Spain Academic Year Futbol/Soccer Boarding “Middle School” - 12-15 years – $39,990 USD
  • Madrid, Spain Academic Year Futbol/Soccer Boarding “Middle School” - 12-15 years – $39,990 USD
  • Madrid, Spain Academic Year Futbol/Soccer Boarding “High School” - 16-18 years – $42,990 USD
  • Madrid, Spain Academic Year Futbol/Soccer Boarding School “Spanish Language” Option – $39,990 USD
  • Madrid, Spain 1/2-Year Futbol/Soccer Boarding School “Spanish Language” Option – $27,990 USD
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